Face to Face Communications and Training Issue 423
December 2010
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Point of View

Tis the Season

"Christmas time is here and Christmas songs you love to hear; but mostly shopping, shopping, shopping" are just a few of the lyrics from the Christmas Can Can by Straight No Chaser. (www.sncmusic.com)

Time for pushing, shoving, doors slammed in our faces, and clerks peering at us saying "and what do you want?" But Hark! This season has been filled with uncannily different stories. Pam and I would love to share a few of our favorite things from this 2010 Holiday season:

  • Free mini-cinnamon rolls brought with our check at Southern Belle's in Yorkville;
  • The Prisco's bagger who carried my grocery bags to the car-without asking or prompting;
  • Businesses collecting coats and food (people and pet) for those in need all over Oswego and elsewhere;
  • Hearing "my pleasure" in response to our "thank you" at Culvers;
  • The Macy's clerk in Chicago who saw my arms laden with hangers and whisked them away from me to a safe place;
  • Salvation Army bell ringers who sing;
  • The clerk Bath and Body Works who said: "You bought two-so you get another free. Pick out what you like."
  • The clerk at Kohl's who said: "This scarf has a pull in it, let me see if there's another;"
  • The men and women who noticed my small order invited me to go ahead of them in line; and
  • The call from Kristie at the Oswegoland Park District early on a cold December morning letting me know there were enough volunteers for the outdoor event that day and I could stay at home-warm and safe.

The recession has brought an unintended consequence this holiday season: people have become more civil, friendly, polite...indeed: human and humane.

Happy, happy holidays to all of you and all of yours. Pam and I continue to be truly grateful for your business and for the wonderful relationships we have grown throughout the years. Until next year-fa, la, la, la, la...

 Musings and Miscellany

Pam's Holiday Musings

We're down to the last days of 2010. Mingling with people this season hasn't been terrible; businesses act like they actually want me to shop with them. So why can't we spread this Holiday Spirit throughout the rest of the year?

Consider these:

  1. If online merchandisers can offer free shipping now, why can't they do it the rest of the year?
  2. if stores can be open to 11 p.m. in December; why can't they be open to 11 p.m. on the eve of Bosses Day eve (when I forget to get Gail a gift?)
  3. Why can't we take two blustery cold days in Winter and put them in July or August when we'd be grateful to get them? (Remember we're in Chicago and boy do we have weather!)
  4. Why can't we take Christmas Day with our families and make it the ONLY day we're required to spend time with them-thus eliminating the need for familial reverie at Easter, the 4th of July, and Thanksgiving?
  5. If we can spend approximately four days in December eating anything we want-and then promise to diet and workout faithfully at the gym starting the first of the New Year, why can't we eliminate January?
  6. Why can't we have Labor Day cookies?
  7. 4th of July stolen?
  8. Memorial Day pumpkin pie?
  9. Easter candy canes?
  10. President's Day gift cards?
  11. Individualized shopping days to buy anything we want and then return it the next day? (the lines would be shorter)
  12. What are you wondering?


What we're reading...

This month has been filled with new clients, family gatherings, and catching
up...so the new read will have to wait until next month. Besides, Santa's
bringing a Kindle!


We are grateful to be busy this year...writing will commence in January...

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