What We Do


We provide exactly the services you want. From workshops for front line staff to managers, to organizational assessments, and year-long programs--you choose the level of involvement our strategists assume. Our strategists assist you in determining your training needs.


Facilitation, as defined by Webster, means "to make easier." Gail Johnson and Pam Parr are a talented facilitators, who expertly guides people through the process of exchanging information and ideas.

As unbiased guides, Gail and Pam's keen sense of perception helps to guard the integrity of the process. Keen listening skills allow her to moderate discussions ensuring all participants have a voice. Theirr easy-going style helps create a rapport in which people become comfortable exchanging ideas and have confidence in the process.


Our strategists provide professional advice or services in their area of expertise. At Face to Face Communications and Training our expertise is communication: face-to-face.

Through our discussions with management and staff observations we can often pinpoint needs within your organization and then assist you in formulating solutions to best meet those needs.