Strategic Planning and Positioning

We have developed a dynamic and creative method to help your organization not only build a roadmap for the future, but assure you a place on that map. This process engages the board and management staff in a one-day planning and positioning workshop. Additional components available are:

  • Community-wide focus groups
  • Staff focus groups

Our process has been widely hailed as fun, informative, efficient, and effective. Our method has decreased the typical time for the strategic plan process by as much as 75% while greatly increasing the relevancy of the data.

What People Are Saying...

I wanted you to know how successful yesterday’s retreat was for us.  Judging from the good, happy, energetic flow of conversation at dinner last night, I'm sure that everyone felt more comfortable with each other than we did before.  It was amazing to me that we all felt comfortable, well at least safe, speaking the truth to each other.  That is a tribute to your skill.  I also was impressed at the prep work you did to make yesterday successful for us. Thank you very much for helping us get to a higher and/or deeper level of commitment to being an effective team.