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“Very useful, active workshop. We had fun and learned new things, too! Excellent—interesting and interactive.”

Illinois Municipal League conference attendee

Communication is the life blood of every organization. These workshops target the issues you are dealing with and provide practical skills to vastly improve communication. A variety of activities are utilized to demonstrate great communication skills as well as show the disasters that occur when communication is poor.

Workshops :

Master the Message: The Art of Presentaining

No matter how valuable your message is, no one will hear it if you can’t get and hold the audiences’ attention. This engaging workshop will teach you how to put the POP and SIZZLE into even then driest of topics. These easy tips can be implemented by anyone. You too can be factual as well as fun.

Communication: The Ultimate Super Power (for managers)

How we interact with each other is key to getting things done. Discover the skills needed to communicate with confidence and respect. This highly engaging session, geared toward managers and supervisors at all levels, provides the practical tools to avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication and up your odds of getting the results you want.

“What We’ve got Here is Failure to Communicate” ™

(1967 Cool Hand Luke)

Looking for an alternative in solving your communication problems? Miscommunication has become a pandemic. This engaging and interactive workshop will explore clear, honest, and open communication. As miscommunication decreases productivity rises, customer service complaints fall, and morale soars.