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Customer Service

“It was amazing to me that we all felt comfortable, well at least safe, speaking the truth to each other.”


The Internal Customer Service App

Colleagues, coworkers, staff, team members, posse, or compadres: we are each other’s customers too-and there’s an app for that! This fun, reality-based workshop will provide a much needed peek inside your coworkers’ heads.

(YIKES!) Gain insights into their needs, wants, and communication styles. Your staff will leave with specific words and phrases that will ultimately see productivity surge, ramp up morale, boost creativity, and get immediate results.

Take This Job and Love It!™

Wanna be happier? Wanna make the most of every day? Wanna get excited about getting up and going to work? Then come and join Pam and Gail in this energetic and highly interactive workshop. Why? Because  happy staff are engaged, productive, friendly, and motivated. Happy staff treat customers so they can’t wait to come back. And happy staff are a lot of fun to work with!

Oh, I wish I’d Said…™

Ever left a conversation wishing you’d said something different? This fun and interactive workshop will give you industry specific real world tips on “what to say and do” when dealing with difficult people. Guaranteed to increase your confidence and decrease your blood pressure!

“What We’ve got Here is Failure to Communicate” ™

(1967 Cool Hand Luke)
Looking for an alternative in solving your communication problems?
Miscommunication has become a pandemic. This engaging and interactive workshop will explore clear, honest, and open communication. As miscommunication decreases productivity rises, customer service complaints fall, and morale soars.

What’s the BZZZ…™

What do customers say about your organization, your staff, and your service? This humorous, highly-interactive workshop will get your people buzzing about how to engage customers so they want to come back again and again. Participants will leave with reality-based “how to’s” and new enthusiasm that will last long after this workshop is over.

X-treme Customer Service™

So you think you’re pretty good at customer service? We’ll take you to the next level and show you how to become a Customer Activist! This fun, fast-paced interactive workshop will have you on your feet as you learn what it takes to hear your customers consistently say, “Wow, your service was unbelievable – thank you!”

Consulting :

  • Analyze your current environment and measure customer satisfaction
  • Propose a customized solution that will transform your organization into a service-minded, service-driven team
  • Work one-on-one with your customer service or call center staff to put customer service theory into practice

Sustainability :

For customer service to truly excel, we believe that workshops need to be supplemented with ongoing reinforcement. We can design a complete Customer Service program that will insure lasting results. These results will be truly sustainable—not only for your customer service staff—but organization-wide.