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“I wanted you to know how successful yesterday’s retreat was for us.  Judging from the good, happy, energetic flow of conversation at dinner last night, I’m sure that everyone felt more comfortable with each other than we did before.  It was amazing to me that we all felt comfortable, well at least safe, speaking the truth to each other.  That is a tribute to your skill.  I also was impressed at the prep work you did to make yesterday successful for us. Thank you very much for helping us get to a higher and/or deeper level of commitment to being an effective team.”

Dennis Mestrich, CEO Heartland Blood Centers

We are talented facilitators who expertly guide people though the process of exchanging information and ideas. Our easy-going style creates a rapport in which people quickly become comfortable.

We can lead you through your next:

  • Strategic Planning and Positioning
  • Transition planning
  • Focus Groups
  • Meetings
  • Staff/leadership retreats