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Yesterday was a very positive experience for me. If I said I didn’t learn anything new that wouldn’t be true, but mostly after years of wondering if I was fooling the world I found out that I am a good manager. My strength is not in the paper work, but in coaching, directing, and leading. A good manager is like a good mother: you give your staff wings to fly.

Patricia Fordham Greedan, Head of Youth Services, Grayslake Public Library
Face to Face Leadership Academy Participant



Leadership Academy: The Master Class

This intensive two-day workshop explores a new definition as well as a new set of skills for leadership in the 21st Century. Discussions and scenarios engage participants on a myriad of topics including: communication styles and behavioral dimensions; the delusions of leadership; ethical, inspirational and influential leadership; and how relationships affect teams and teambuilding.

This workshop is perfectly suited to umbrella organizaitons as well as in-house leadership teams.

Manager; Supervisor; Leader…How Bad Things Happen to Good People

In today’s economy how can you increase productivity within the confines of budget restraints? We’re not talking about short term solutions, quick fixes, or smoke and mirrors. We’re talking about the hard part: how to get the best out of your people, real time, all the time. Together we’ll address the what-ifs, the how’d that happen, and the why-me’s of daily life in management/supervision/leadership. This entertaining and interactive program will explore the concepts of accountability, communication, empowerment, staff development, and influence. These powerful tools play a vital role in successfully engaging today’s workforce. You will leave enthused and energized with practical tools to begin your staff resurgence.

Manager: Know Thyself

Every successful manager begins with an understanding of what makes him/her tick. This assessment-based workshop is loaded with ways to discover personal insights and how they affect your ability to lead others.

Communication: The Ultimate Super Power

How we interact with each other is key to getting things done. Discover the skills needed to communicate with confidence and respect. This highly engaging session, geared toward managers and supervisors at all levels, provides the practical tools to avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication and up your odds of getting the results you want.

Management Flight School—Launch Eagles not Buzzards

A perfect workshop for new managers as well as those seeking practical real-world ideas for improving staff morale and confidence. Put the tools of accountability and empowerment to use in powerful positive ways that create eagles, not buzzards. Then together we’ll explore the path that will let your eagles soar and your buzzards find another roost!

Management Flight School—Manager as CoPilot

This fast-paced hands-on workshop is packed with useful tips on how you can effectively navigate your staff from take-off to touchdown in today’s turbulent work environment. We’ll explore your crucial role as co-pilot and the enormous benefits of strengths-based staff development and motivation to both you and your employees.

The Art of Hiring Art

Have you every gone into the hiring process vowing not to make the same mistake as last time? Yet, six months later you find yourself with déjà vu all over again! We’ve uncovered the secret to hiring great people and we want to share it with you. It’s not complicated and it’s not necessarily new, but it is highly effective. This lively, interactive program will show you how to identify Yahoos, not Wahoos and successfully recruit them for your team.

The 800 lb Gorilla (aka Performance Evaluation)

This single piece of paper seems to elicit more dread and trepidation than all other management forms combined. This hands-on, reality-based workshop will reduce this 800 lb Gorilla (the performance evaluation process) to a mere chimp that is manageable, rewarding, effective, and downright cute. We will walk you through the process and demystify the procedures. You will learn to value and use this tool as one of your greatest motivators.

Consulting :

  • Work one-on-one with leaders, managers, or supervisors.
  • Assist in difficult conversations.
  • Develop a plan to foster accountability and enable execution of goals.
  • Take an in-depth look at the leadership in your organization and develop a plan to strengthen this imperative structure.