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Managing Change

“Thank you very much for helping us get to a higher
and/or deeper level of commitment to 
being an effective team.”


The Adaptability APP!

Adaptability is the most sought-after skill of this decade. Do you have it?
Do you ‘bend like a Willow’, or ‘snap like a dried up twig’? Get the latest
updates on:

  • How To
  • What to Avoid
  • What To Look Forward to in a constantly changing world.

Once you’ve uploaded the Adaptability APP you will not only be an asset to your organization; your employability will skyrocket!

Change Reaction (aka Managing Imminent Change in your Organization)

Excited about the new location? While you may be thrilled, there are staff members who aren’t. This innovative program is designed to look at organizational change from the employees’ point of view. This real-world, humorous workshop explores the issues that typically sabotage new initiatives. Participants will identify their concerns and develop a practical road map to go from dread to moving ahead.

This program is perfect for organizations who are facing a specific change (moving or expanding a facility, new organizational leadership, new software, cultural shift, etc).

Consulting :

  • Bring us onboard as you begin to consider major changes
  • We can analyze a change-gone-wrong and help bring closure and opportunity to a flailing workplace
  • We can analyze what stage of transition you are in and offer advice for moving forward successfully


Change is really about transitioning from one paradigm to another. The best course of action is to begin talking about the transition before it begins. We can guide you through the change process in a way that makes the challenges manageable and the opportunities endless.